Brandsites finally launches: a remote-first, personal brand marketing agency

Brandsites is a remote-first, personal branding and web design agency. The business is based in the UK, with support staff around the world working across web design and personal brand management.

Clients can pick between three brand and web design packages, on an annual subscription.

Launching a boutique agency during a pandemic

Having launched during the Covid-19 pandemic with two white-label client wins, is now eyeing growth in more public markets – influencers and the direct-to-consumer markets. Brandsites recognises that it will be up against huge competition like Squarespace, Wix and Weebly.

However the team are confident that their boutique approach gives the business flexibility to work on a more personalised and globally local basis, and will help further drive its sustainability and success, over and above bottomless growth.

Remote-First Marketing Agency: Brandsites values personal freedom for personal brands

“In a hugely changed world, there’s never been a better time for businesses to streamline their operations. In some cases it’s been detrimental, but in others it’s been hugely freeing,” said Jane McConnell, the founder of

“That’s definitely been the case for our agency. It’s really freeing, we have a very small carbon footprint as a result – my team is totally remote. This is exactly what I wanted to achieve from the get-go with, even before this pandemic.

“We’re a remote agency working…

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